24X7 Emergency Service

Cloudwalker tours and travels provide a 24 hour emergency service telephone number with their itinerary package.  In the event the passenger does not have access to a telephone, there will to a live person who knows your travel information via email or fax. Our emergency travel agents have the ability to access any and all existing and new bookings.

Through Cloudwalkers 24/7 Emergency Travel Assist service, you have the peace of mind of round-the-clock personal support from Cloudwalkers Travel Solutions, anywhere in the world. Day or night, the Company will assist the traveler with any last minute changes to airline, hotel and car reservations. If itineraries are changed due to flight changes by the airline, the Company will proactively notify the traveler with other available travel options to make their travel seamless. 

The Company’s Travel emergency support service provides:

  • Emergency assistance
  • 24  hour information and travel advice
  • Flight rebooking
  • Hotel rebooking
  • Rental vehicle booking
  • Passport and visa services
  • Reservation adjustments
  • Emergency return travel arrangements
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental vehicle return
  • Guaranteed hotel check-in
  • Missed connections coordination
  • Lost/stolen baggage assistance