Arctic Packages


For most of us the word Arctic can conjure up images of miles of ice, white sheets of frozen water and perhaps sea lions and the lone gull flying in search of food. Well! You couldn’t be more wrong. The Arctic has so much to offer that we had to break it down into several packages that might interest you. Take the North Spitsbergen tour, which is a week of sailing, where you cross the 14th of July Glacier and take in its fertile slopes. The massive numbers of Kittiwake and Brünnich’s Guillemot nesting on the nearby cliffs will leave you mesmerized. Stop by at the northern most settlement of the world at Ny Alesund. And if you are lucky enough, you will sail close to the mouth of Liefdefjorden and take a walk on the tundra island of Andøya!

In the tour that takes you around Spitsbergen, you will come within touching distance (well almost) of the Monaco Glacier. The skeletons of the Beluga whales that you will spot here will leave you lost in time. Watch the walrus gather around at the Laagøya, one of the lowest islands nestled in a massive lagoon. Or why not indulge yourself in the polar bear special Northeast-Greenland tour, where the sailing and the wildlife will be an absolute delight to the passionate photographer. You will touch Kvitøya in the east, close to the Russian border as well as the Hinlopen Strait.The Arctic gives you a glimpse of life as you will never know otherwise. A world in itself, it has opened its arms to allow people to see what it offers. You will not want to miss this opportunity.

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