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Cloudwalkers Tours and Travels have packages for employees and employers. These tours are incentive based and the team plans every move so as to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation. Apart from this, the team also plans corporate meetings for those who want it in style. This apart, the team will assist in planning holidays for the family. Every minute detail involved is studied and the plans will be introduced and changes will be made accordingly.

Your sense of adventure doesn’t disappear just because you have kids, so why should your family holidays be limited to the usual drudgery. The family corporate tour can be made up considering the age factors where all members can have some place in the total programme. The children can enjoy outdoor activities and a swim in a pool. We know the biggest challenge on a family trip is keeping the kids entertained.

Cloudwalkers tours & travels can help you create and execute a corporate meet that is fun, productive and memorable. Our team will take care of all logistics including bookings, meals, airport transfers, local transportation and guides. Importantly, during the course of your tour, our team will be on standby should any exigency arise or if you need other assistance.

In case of a corporate board meeting, our team will be on standby for all assistance and we can also add administrative assistants or secretaries to take care of the nitty gritties.

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Note:  Bachelors corporate tours are only for bachelors. Families are not allowed in bachelor’s tour package.

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