Antarctica Packages


For many, Antarctica is the final frontier, the white continent that is elusive except for the chosen few. Nothing could be further from the truth – Antarctica, with its mystic icy charms and friendly penguins, is now a real holiday option!In our packages, you will constantly be surrounded by indigenous animal life. From Black-browed and Light-mantled Sooty Albatrosses to Cape Pigeons, you will sail close to them all. Our Antarctic Peninsula tour will give you chance to watch whales, indulge your passion for photography and get closer to a nature of a totally different kind. If the weather is favourable, you could even camp out under the clear Antarctic skies. The Falklands Islands tour will take you through South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. With the rapid drops in temperatures, you will be passing through and visiting Fortuna Bay, the Bay of Elsehul and more. If you are adventurous then you would be interested in the Antarctic Peninsula – Basecamp Planicus tour. Dependent entirely on the weather, here is where you settle down on icebergs, trek amidst the local wildlife and even sail through the Drake Passage.With the Antarctic Peninsula being central to all the tours you can choose to club it with visits to the South Shetland Islands, Falkland Islands and even the Polar Cap. Brace yourself for some freezing cold weather and an adventure of a lifetime.

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