Our Profile

The name originates from the term” walking over the clouds”. It is only an attempt to state a fact that any customer on contract with us will be thrilled with the kind of courtesy, kindness, diversity in sightseeing, security and the quality of service. We have also included a catch word-Incredible Tourism- a fact that we hope to endeavour all throughout.

There had been many factors that had contributed to tourism. One such programme was the early catchword “Age Halt”, a very attractive catchword that took the world by storm. One was often stuck with the catch word. But in effect it had some effect. Tourists had flocked to the state to understand these words. The traditional method under Ayurveda had sent back a lot of tourists, after a round of treatment. It could be massaging or it could be herbal medicines, but the catch word did click.
This wonderful aspect of tourism did have its own disadvantages. The Government policies which were not acknowledged by the Opposition created a lot of disarray. Without warning, a protest would lay bare the system of transportation and also accommodation. It did hurt the economy. While tourism has contributed to the revenue of the nation; a lot is being envisaged for its development. Though the state of affairs remains the same, greater freedom has been permitted on tourism. There are also situations where the tourists end up in wrong destinations and where they are left to fend for themselves. They lose money and time and they realize this at a very critical moment. They may also be robbed, and this is an International phenomenon. There are also instances where the women tourists fall prey to unsocial elements but it does happen universally. Tourism has become a very sensitive issue as it has to be programmed perfectly so that the tourist will be willing to visit as frequently as possible. 

Cloudwalkers tours & travels have been born out of a greater stratagem. The need to understand what a traveller requires gave us the idea to start something unique. We have segregated the needs after some in-depth fact finding survey. This includes the character of the traveller, whether he plans to travel alone or as a group, safety advisory, preference of tours, Yoga by International teachers, Ayurvedic treatment for the needy, solitude for those who ask  and primarily food safety. We have tied up with one of South India’s premier tour operator to create a better picture for all travellers, be it inbound or outbound. We have also tied up with hotels, home stays, adventure groups and who are linked to tourism but have greater affinity for humaneness.

Again it is the selectivity of various itineraries by various groups of tourists. Some of them will like to see the mountains, some the beach and seas, some will prefer heritage and historical sites and some will like to follow the animals in the jungle. There are others who will like the calm, there will be others who will like to chill out in a crowd, some on shopping, some will be pious and there are others who will like a mix of everything.
Cloudwalkers Tours will have every itinerary custom made to suit every individual’s need. We have forged our ties with these great companies who will provide unique and comfort that makes “Tourism Incredible”
For that Outbound, we have packages that give them the extra experience. To each group, there will be someone responsible to take care of their needs and ensure that everyone is comfortable.
For the Inbound, it is the experience that may count. We have places and homes where those who are interested only in Yoga or Ayurvedic treatments can have a wonderful experience. Yoga will be under the personal tutelage of an International guru. The treatments will be by experienced Acharyas. We also provide exclusive boat rides in the backwaters and those who want to have custom made house boat rides; you will not have to go anywhere else.We can also take up marriage ceremonies for the inbound, as a special gesture in Hindu and Christian tradition.