South Packages

Listen to the beckoning of the Southern States
The beautiful thing about our country is the diversity it encompasses—you see it all here—deserts, mountains, snowfall, rivers, narrow crowded streets, massive winding roads, temples, churches, mosques and so much more. Perhaps a life time may never be enough to explore this country in its entirety. That is why we at KTIL have created tours that will allow you the satisfaction of seeing as much as you possibly can.Our southern tour takes you through the best of the majestic states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. You will visit the IT city of Bangalore and walk through its culturally deep rooted sights and offerings. Situated just 140 km away, you will visit Mysore, a city of palaces and beautiful architecture.
The one thing about the tours we organize at KTIL is that they have a theme to them, making them well suited to every kind of traveler. It also makes it easy for you to choose. For nature lovers, the Lord of the Jungle Tour will take you through some of the best wildlife and bird sanctuaries in each of these states. The chance to see and capture rare sites will be high and you are ensured an experience of a lifetime.In our various tours, you will see and experience history, culture, cuisine and lifestyles so unique that you will in all probability come back for more.

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